Wednesday, September 29, 2010

recovery ride by jasonmellet at Garmin Connect - Details

recovery ride by jasonmellet at Garmin Connect - Details

So today was easy ride day. Monday i did hill reapeats. 13 times up and down windhaven hill whick climbs about 100 feet in about 2/10th of a mile. Oh i also swam 1.3 miles just before that. Tuesday was bike / run brick. That consisted of an hour on the bike ( 20 miles ) and then a 7 mile run which i did in 55 minutes or so. Wednesdays is traditionally our short little lunch time shootout.

Its a short, hilly 13 miles that we normally do in about 40 minutes depending on the wind and traffic lights. As im only 18 days from my 70.3 ironman in austin i figured i should probably get some more miles in so i rode my bike the 11 miles up to the meeting spot. Did the 13 mile ride with brian and william and then rode my bike back again. Luckily for me i had the wind behind me for the ride back home again.

For those of you that dont know this will be my second half ironman. The first one was 70.3 florida at disney world back on may 16th which was moderately successful as i suffered from cramps on the bike ride but still managed a 20mph average and finished in a time of 5:39:37. I have to be honest, im going for a sub 5:30 this time even though austin is hillier than florida was. Ive done a lot of training for this race and i am having no issues ( touch wood ) with my knees this time around.

One of my best investments has been my garmin 310xt that wifey bought me for fathersday. totally kept me on track.

Training this month has been awesome, with 460 miles on the bike, 6 miles in the pool and 67 miles running i am feeling very strong and confident. Problem is im racing against my friend Lars who has completed 6 full iron man races and is training for silver man in Nevada.

Some of you might know as well that i used to play cricket, well not much anymore, since the wife has now also started doing triathlons, cricket has pretty much taken a back seat.

The only Ace i have up my sleeve ( or bike shorts ) is that he is 10 years older than me. If that's any advantage at all.

countdown : 18 days till 70.3 iron man longhorn.

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