Sunday, January 31, 2010

January totals

Swim Distance: 9.62 miles Swim Time: 4:39 Swim Calories: 3848 Swim Pace: 29:00
Bike Distance: 303.16 miles Bike Time: 17:08 Bike Calories: 12126.4 Bike Pace: 17.7 mph
Run Distance: 30.28 miles Run Time: 4:51 Run Calories: 3028 Run Pace: 09:35
Total Miles: 343.06 miles Total Time: 26:39 Total Calories: 19002.4 -

So these are my totals for january. This was a pretty tough month with quite a few indoor workouts, naturally due to the weather. Luckily for me i have purchased a copy of the sufferfest which really helped me on my last trainer session.

My goals for Feb will probably be something like, 12 miles swimming, 350 miles bike and about 40 or so miles running. once i gain full confidence in my knee i'm sure i will do a  lot more than that.

I had a pretty tough weekend as the last few months have involved very little running. i noticed today that when i got home from my bike ride my quads were just done. i mean i walked upstairs with my 14 lbs baby and my legs were seriously tired. so what did i do this weekend, well friday i spent an hour on the trainer doing sufferfest, that was a killer, then yesterday was long run day, so i did 4.5 miles on the treadmill and then today was intervals with my speed freak cycling partners. at the end of the ride which was 30 miles, i remembered that i only needed 6 more miles to get to 300 for the month so i kept riding a bit longer and was smashed by the end of it. it was a really tough 6 miles as we normally finish at 30 miles.

On another note, next saturday ( 6th feb ) is my b-fi birthday challenge which will be 3000 yards in the pool, 30 miles on the bike ( with my speed freak buddies ) and then a 3 mile run after that. the closest thing i have done to that as far as all 3 things together at the same time is a sprint tri that was a 800m swim, 25 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run. so this should be interesting to see how much fitter i have become since the beginning of October last year.

Lucky for me i have some friends doing it with me as i have told them, i will join them on their birthdays when they do theirs. Lucky for me, george amundson isn't joining us a doing his birthday challenge would kill me, he is a multiple ironman finisher and is turning 70 this year.

anyway, hope everybody has a good week in training. shout out to the guys that have been reading my blog, its really great to hear the encouragement and is good to know there are people going through the same stuff as you are. Training Pain did something like 900 miles in january for his ironman china training, thats just crazy dude. i'm sure you are going to rock the race.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Left over salad smoothie?????

So i just watched an interesting little video of Brett over at ZEN & THE ART OF TRIATHLON of him making a Nice healthy smoothie out of some left over salad. I must say it was pretty interesting and im sure it is a great way to lose weight.

I must confess though, im not rushing into the kitchen to try this one out. Maybe you guys could try it and let me know how it is.

happy eating

My personal torture chamber

thought i would show you guys what my personal torture chamber looks like. i just set up my sufferfest chamber.

i hit the trainer yesterday after i took this video. did 18.2 miles on the hardest setting on my trainer. burnt 1060 cals and my average heart rate was 150, topped out at 168. it was a lot of fun. really worthwhile looking into it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Real Secret To My Success

So thought i would talk about something i haven't touched on yet before on any of my other blog posts.

My weight and the fact that i always thought i was in good shape.

So to give you a little background. I am 32, turning 33 in a week or so. I am 6'1'' tall and at my heaviest was 212 lbs. the funny thing is that when i was 212lbs i was under the impression i was in good shape. somehow i was blinded or just the fact that the average person on the planet, or should i say "in america " is overweight so i guess i was the average.

Anyway, so i met this girl, who has since become my wife who started cooking for me. above is one of her meals. Its grilled chicken breast ( done on the grill) ( yes here in dallas we can grill in the middle of winter)baked sweet potato( baked in the oven) and the best spinach, feta & raspberry salad with light raspberry vinaigrette,YUM, and little by little she was cooking for me more and more. the more she cooked for me the less junk food i ate. once we moved in together she was cooking every night and the more weight i lost. So the pounds kept coming off and i got down to about 185 where it stayed for a while.

I then got comfortable there and somehow before i knew it i was back up to 197. 197 got my attention for some reason. maybe because it was so close to 200 again. this is about the time that i got into triathlons as well. so the weight kept coming off again and then flattened out at 187.

at 187 after 2 triathlons i hooked up with my new cycling buddies who are all quicker than me and i knew if i was to keep up with them on the hills i needed to drop a few more pounds. i knew the lighter i got, the easier it would be to get up the hills. so i worked hard at dropping the extra pounds and now i'm glad to report, yesterday morning after a good solid dump, i clocked the scale at 179.5lbs. woohoo

going up the hills has certainly be easier and i cant thank my wife jennifer more for all the hard work she puts in, in the kitchen. she is the best cook i know and is single hand-idly responsible for getting me back in shape. thanks baby.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Multimedia message

Some pics of my tapes legs

Rocktape experiment

So thought i would update you guys and let you know how rocktape has been hanging on. So shaving the legs was a bit weird, but don't tell my wife, i kinda like it.

So i had it on the first time for 3 days. I slept twice, showered 3 times, biked for an hour, swam 3000 yards in an hour, ran 3 miles with it on and it never failed. never came off except a little bit at the edges. But that might of been due to me wearing jeans on the first day. i eventually took it off manually just cos i felt like it. i re-applied it yesterday as im going to have a busy few days. ran this morning, on the bike again tomorrow, run saturday morning, bike in the afternoon and then bike again on sunday. there will probably be a swim in there somewhere as well.

So, i would say, if you have any little pains or niggles, give this stuff a try.

use code "ffrt" for a discount

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Donations for Haiti frisco triathlon club 5k run

Hey guys, Saturday 10th of April our triathlon club will be holding a 5k fundraiser fun run in frisco texas and thought people might want to donate some money to it. you can use the link on the right of my page and i commit to giving 100% of money donated to the FTC haiti fund.

You can choose to donate $1-00 for every mile we cover. it will be my 33rd birthday so i will be covering 3000 yards in the swim, 30 miles on the bike and 3 miles on the run.

I will be completing the bfit birthday challenge on february 6th 2010.

lets make a difference.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Homebuyer Tax Credits

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So i thought i would take this opportunity to talk about this rather exciting gift the government has decided to give to every one of us. Now let me say right off the bat that i have no time for politics unless its starts affecting my life. Now in this instance, it has the potential to affect my life positively as there is a possibility that they can give me a whole bunch of money.

The thing is that we have recently added a little girl to our family. Kiera is 3 months old now and starting to take over the house. I mean, her stuff is all over the place. We just cant seem to keep the house clean, no matter what we do. So Jennifer ( my wife ) and i have been talking about looking at a bigger house. We love the area we live in but definitely need a bigger place. Our house is currently 1600 square feet and is getting a bit crowded.

So here is a link that will give you more information:

So basically from what i understand, if you have been renting a house for the past couple of years and would like to buy, the government will give you up to $8000-00 tax credit if you purchase the house by 30 april 2010. Also, if you have owned a house for 5 years of the last 8, then you will also be able to get up to a $6500-00 tax credit if you want to move to a bigger house.

The problem for us is that i have just started my business, am not really making any money yet and we cant really commit to purchasing a new house at the moment as that wouldn't be very clever.

There is also a salary cap with this. $125,000 for singles and $225,000 for couples.

Now, there are some limitations, some that i actually like. If you are a rich bast%#@, and your new house is over $800,000. Sorry this tax credit is not for you. You've got enough money.
You have to close by June 30th 2010.
The purchase has to be made by you, and not a dependent & you have to attach documentation of the purchase to your tax return.

So if you have managed to sit through this little advertisement have a look at this video that i have put below. Also i have put on my Rocktape and have already learnt a few things, i will be working on a few podcasts this week in which i will discuss it, Let me know if you want some and i will get it for you. If this stuff works i might put it on my website and start selling it online.

Multimedia message

So the rocktape experiment has begun. I have calf issues when I run, knee issues when I run, and IT band issues from cycling when I run. Let's see how good this stiff really is?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Made progress over the winter

So i thought i would write a little bit about progress i made over the winter. As it is coming to an end pretty soon here in dallas. Im sure we will still get a few days of bitter cold but im sure the worst is behind us now. The reason i say this is cos wednesday night i went out for a run and was wearing my summer running gear. ( shorts and sleeveless shirt ). And today whilst it started out at a bitterly cold 55 degrees, it warmed up pretty quickly and had to take off my sleeves off my winter cycling jersey.

So i thought i would give you a little comparison between the month of september 2009 to the last 30 days.

so here is september:

Swim Distance: 6.71 milesSwim Time: 3:52Swim Calories: 2684Swim Pace: 34:36
Bike Distance: 170.05 milesBike Time: 9:29Bike Calories: 6802Bike Pace: 17.9 mph
Run Distance: 39.03 milesRun Time: 5:35Run Calories: 3903Run Pace: 08:35
Total Miles: 215.79 milesTotal Time: 18:57Total Calories: 13389-

And here is the last 30 days:

Swim Distance: 8.98 milesSwim Time: 4:21Swim Calories: 3592Swim Pace: 29:00
Bike Distance: 297.32 milesBike Time: 16:48Bike Calories: 11892.8Bike Pace: 17.7 mph
Run Distance: 14.4 milesRun Time: 2:36Run Calories: 1440Run Pace: 10:48
Total Miles: 320.7 milesTotal Time: 23:45Total Calories: 16924.8-

So i guess the first thing you notice is the extra miles in the pool, woohoo. Back in september my average swim time was probably 25 minutes. And my pace was obviously nothing to write home about where as in the last 30 days my swim time is probably up to about average 45 minutes, with my longest being about 55 minutes and 1.87 miles covered in the time.You will also see my swim pace is also up.

My cycling has definitely improved a lot as i haven't been running all that much. Back in september i was in the middle of my 2 sprint races i did last year. So in my training i was only doing 15 or 20 miles at a time. Since then however i have done 4 or 5 50+ mile rides and one week even did 102 miles. Currently i'm doing about 70 miles a week. I have also purchased a trainer that i use in my lounge in front of my TV.

My running has taken a dip, and thats due to my knee injury. I am getting back into it now though and hopefully all stays well with the knee and IT band. Im thinking i will probably do some video podcasts to show you guys how my rocktape adventure is going this coming week. I should be getting it early this week and am dreading shaving my legs to use it. Yeah they suggest you don't have leg hair when you use it, and i have been blessed with some seriously hairy legs. Hey maybe it will make my swim faster, and easier.

I have a sprint tri relay race with 2 of my co-saturday morning ride buddies, i think we are going to kick butt. We have a great team, I am a pretty good swimmer, brian is a master on the bike, especially hills and william is super fast on the run so i'm sure we will either win or come close.

Then the weekend after that is my wife's first ever triathlon ( caveman sprint tri ) which i will also be competing in. It will be pretty interesting to see how she does and also to really see how well i have done over the winter. Last season first tri time was 1:24:43. I swam a 1:46 pace in the swim, 19.1 mph on the bike and after some stomach cramps due to my incorrect nutrition plan, a 9:07 pace during the 3.1 mile run. So that was an average performance and i am planning on smashing those pace levels in the caveman tri.

Keep watching this blog for my updates, should be some interesting viewing for my video podcasts next week.

Friday, January 22, 2010


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So a few months ago, a little time after i started my triathlon career. A friend of mine talked me into do a half marathon in Dallas Tx. i agreed and started training for the event. I stated out small, doing 2or 3 miles at a time. There is a small botanical garden type area near where i live and i go running there.

Once i had progressed up to 4 miles i got a bit ambitious and jumped straight up to 6.2 miles.

Well as i'm sure most of you know, i ended up getting an overusage injury in my right knee. Problem was in 2 weeks time i was doing the US open Sprint triathlon ( 800m swim, 25 mile bike ride and 3.1 mile run.) My doctor suggested i probably should do any running and in fact probably shouldn't do the race either. As any respectable triathlete would say or do, i told my doctor, no way, and did the race anyway.

The race was the last of the season so i decided to do what i could to get the knee sorted out. Went back to the doctor and he suggested that i go for an MRI to see what exactly was wrong.
So off i went to another office and got the MRI. Thanks to my medical insurance only had to pay a minimal fee for the MRI.

So the results came back to the doctor and i apparently had an ACL sprain and some swelling in my knee joint. And it was off to the Physical therapist for me. I spent a month or two going to the physical therapist which was also covered by my medical insurance.

To know more about health insurance, follow one of these links:

As the new season is getting ready to start and in all honesty, my knee hasn't healed all that much. It still bothers me but i have figured out how to deal with it better. It takes me a little while to warm the knee up when i'm going for a run and bothers me for about the first mile. I guess as i get older more and more of these niggles are going to keep coming up.

getting payed for blogging

So technically i've been unemployed for about 6 months now. One of the ways im trying to make money is through blogging. This is one of my blogs and then the other one is on my family website where i share videos, photos etc.

This is a paid advertisement. That is one of the things you need to include in your blog to get paid for them. I find myself struggling at the moment to write about the things you get asked to wright about. As i write this i have three different companies that are asking me to write about their products or services that they offer. One of them is roofing services. My problem is i have no need for roofing services at the moment. So what am i supposed to do? Lie to all of you and tell you, you need to use these people to fix your roof as they did an excellent job on my roof.

Here are the links i need to put in my post :

The second company is and insurance company:

And the 3rd company is one where you can buy vanities.

So my question is this,

How do i write to you guys expressing my story about fatherhood, being a husband and being a triathlete, all at the same time as trying to make a little money on the side to fund my triathlon journey. I have no need for insurance, roofing or a new vanity at the moment. Maybe, one of you guys have some experience and can let me know.

On another note, and i'm not getting paid for this plug......................................................................................................

sorry about that but i've been away from my macbook for a while. Little baby Kiera just had her post lunch time poop. Blew out the diaper, spilt out into her onesy. a little onto her vibrating chair she was hanging out in so daddy had to go and save her. Change her clothes and put her chair cover into the wash. Those are some of the joys of being a parent. sniff sniff, think i have to put a nice smelling candle on here in the lounge. still some stink around.

Anyway, back to triathlon stuff. I've been trying to get over my knee injury which is going ok. i have to admit though, i still get some knee pain. especially the first mile of my run. Once it warms up its fine, but the first mile is always a little dodgy. so i've bought myself a roll of Rocktape. Hopefully it will get here early next week. Basically its a type of kinisiology tape that is designed for triathletes. its stays on for 3-5 days and is totally waterproof. i'm going to use it on my IT band, For my cyclists knee issues, for my runners knee issues and more recently since i've changed my run tech to a more mid-foot strike, my runners calf issues.

Yip that sounds like some serious issues doesn't it? None of them are to serious, just those little niggles i think that dog all of us right?

Im really looking forward to triathlon season starting off. there is a half marathon i wanted to do in march but i wont be able to do it as i wont be able to get my mileage up enough to do the race. other than that, so far it looks like 2 sprint races, 2 olympics and the 70.3 in june. i cant wait.

So as ive been writing this ive got another opportunity to write about tax credits or something for 9dollars or something. we will see if i can chuck it in there somewhere.

hope everybody keeps on reading. i will try and mix the fun triathlon stuff with the boring moneymaking stuff.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i have the best job in the world

yes i do. i'm trying to startup my own business and i get to look after my little 12 week old daughter as well. wow. it really is a blessing. watch this video from yesterday when she was trying to hold her head up off the ground and she kept rolling over onto her back, it was the cutest thing ever.

other than that, its been a pretty good training week, got into the pool yesterday, did some weights on my legs and ran a quick mile. monday i did 55 minutes on the trainer and sunday we had track speedwork. what to do today is the question. i'm running tomorrow so i will probably get on the trainer again.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

b-fit birthday challenge

yes everybody, its the b-fit birthday challenge. Have you heard of it. well i'm doing it this year. i'm doing the gold level which basically means ( as i'm turning 33 ) that i get to swim 3000 yards, bike 33 miles and run 3 miles in a 24 hr period. As my birthday is the 5th of february i am planning on the morning of Saturday the 6th of February to complete all the events as in a triathlon, with transitions and everything.

If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, search on for the birthday challenge and you will see it there. they also have a website,

should be pretty fun.

on another note, wife Jen goes back to work tomorrow and i try to juggle my startup business and looking after kiera. not to mention my triathlon training. luckily i have the bike trainer at home and my wife is letting me go to the gym tuesday and thursday so that i can swim. she will be going to the gym Mon, Wed & Friday and then we will share saturdays as i ride early and she has her trainer later on in the mornings.

well it should be an interesting week so we will see how it goes.


So does anybody know what that means? Well if you don't, its search engine optimization and search engine marketing. If you already have an e-commerce website then you probably know what that is. If you don't then basically SEO and SEM is a way to market your website.

Alot of people around the world use google, yahoo and bing to search for products that they would like to buy, and if you have a good location on one of those sights, then you are probably generating money from that placement. I have a e-commerce site and a company called who is an Austin based SEO, web strategy company has asked me to do a small bit of advertising for them.

I plan to use SEO and SEM strategies to increase sales on my website so that i can generate as much money as possible. Whilst cricket is my one love and hopefully my career as well. I also love triathlon and hopefully will have triathlon e-commerce site up and running some time this year.

The problem is that its actually really complicated to figure out how to do it as google for example doesn't tell you exactly what is required to be listed at the top of the list and you need someone who knows what they are doing. Many factors about your website ( content, Programming etc ) are taken into account when ranking your website and being at the top is very important.

As you guys know, last year i quit my job so that i can work on starting my own business. As you also know i am now looking after our 12 week old daughter until this business starts making some money. I will be relying on SEO & SEM to make a success of my business.

I came across these guys and they really look like they know what they are doing. If you have a e-commerce site please go and have a look at these guys.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

tough week so far, how will i do it next week

yip, next week, jen goes back to work after being on maternity leave for 12 weeks. i am just about ready to launch my website and i have a 11 week old daughter to look after. i have been working hard this week, spent some time looking after kiera and have found little time to workout.

hopefully if all goes well my business will take off quickly and we can send kiera to daycare. if not, its going to be daddy daycare for me and its possible my training might suffer. i'm sure thats why women have traditionally done the take care of the kids role, as men just don't have the organizational skills to do it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

another week bites the dust

So another week bites the dust. one week older, one week wiser ( lol ) one week closer to triathlon season. one week closer to buffalo springs lake 70.3. Kiera is 11 weeks old already. holy cow.

Its been a pretty good week. training has been good. weather sucked. was below freezing for 2 straight days. i know you guys up north are saying " whatever " but here in texas, thats cold.

as im recovering from my knee injury, which is going slow but well i have ramped up my swimming and cycling with a touch of running. its sad to think that this week i actually swam further than i ran. weekly totals:

bike: 100.83 miles @ 17.5mph
swim: 3.95 miles @ 28.06 pace
run: 3 miles @ all you need to know is it was slow.

Cricket season is also slowly approaching so i will need to start thinking about that sometime soon. im sure cricket is going to take a back seat to triathlon this season. i need to keep up with it though as my new business is all about cricket so i can forget about it to much.

hope everybody is enjoying my blog, post a comment and let me know if there is anything you would like to know.

ps: plans for my triathlon camp at the end of feb is going well and weve just signed a big bike shop here as a sponsor so im super excited about that.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

good and bad this week

so i've had a bit of an up and down week so far. saturday afternoon i rode 47 miles with my club coach. she was doing an 82 mile loop ( as she is training for her first full ironman ) and i joined her about half way through and did the 47. i didn't realize it at the time but i pumped it for the last 12 miles when i should of taken it easy as it came back to bite me in the ass later in the week.

that was all good, then on sunday i had my first attempt in a few months at running at my full body weight ( thanks to an anti gravity treadmill ) . my wife, daughter and i went to do some speed work with other club mates at a track nearby. the running went great, i took it really easy and didn't do any sprint work but we probably did about 3 miles. as i'm sure anybody that has overusage injuries knows, they can be really frustrating and i'm going to take it really easy as i ease back into it.

so the problems started monday morning, oh i should probably tell you as well that my quads started taking some strain during my run on sunday. so woke up monday morning and my calves were screaming at me. i had some pretty severe discomfort now in my calves and my quads weren't behaving themselves either. so i did what any sane person would do, i went for a massage. i get one of these quite regularly as i am prone to muscle fatigue. for some reason when i'm working out i don't know what my limit is.

that sounds familiar, oh thats right, i have the same problem when i'm drinking.

So i went for the massage on my legs monday afternoon and knew that my legs always feel better after i've pumped some blood through them so this morning when i woke up i spent an hour on the trainer at a really easy pace and did about 15 miles. i've been trying a new trick after my long workouts and that is to drink a chocolate milk. yes, chocolate milk. i know a guy that i ride with some times that has done like 5 ironman events and he swears by it as a post workout drink. it has all the good stuff in it that the expensive brand drinks have, so i'm giving it a try.

so my wife, just had a baby 10 weeks ago and went to the pool on monday ( as she is now signed up for her first triathlon ) and came home and told me what she did. 1500 yards in 35 minutes. wow, anybody who swims regularly and has recently had a baby, knows thats pretty incredible. her personal trainer who got me into triathlons and is a self professed poor swimmer just rolled his eyes as he wishes he could do that.

anyway, so i had to go one better and looked for an interesting pool workout and really wanted to come home and brag about something. yip, i might be half dead, abs are killing me and my stomach is a bit queazy, but i did it. 3300 yards in 62 minutes. if you take out my 10 minutes of breaks thats in 52 minutes and a 27 minute mile pace. woohoo. ( bring on my 70.3 )

now, ive set myself a big challenge for tomorrow, 3 hours on the trainer in the morning in an attempt to do about 50 miles or so. as weather is going to be pretty cold, hang on a sec, its going to be flipping cold, highs in the 20's, i've decided to hit the trainer this week for my long ride. i have never done more than an hour on the trainer so i will have to find some way to keep myself busy. i'm thinking podcasts are going to be the thing.

i will let you all know how that goes.

today is tuesday and my calves are still a bit tight, quads are feeling better so i will probably put off running till they feel better and assess them week by week to see how much i run.

after my big swim today, i'm expecting some sore shoulders tomorrow.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

great news, the knee works

well, awesome news. i went to our triathlon clubs track speed workout today and took part in some of the running drills. as it turns out, my knee held up very well. i never pushed my self by any means but started slow and easy and increased intensity as i went along. i felt very comfortable through all the drills.

now, my quads might not agree with me as i did 47 miles on my bike yesterday but besides that all was good.

our club coach, marcia, is a maniac. she is training for ironman st george this year and ran 15 miles on friday, biked 82 miles yesterday and was out there today leading the session.

other than that we are looking forward to an exciting year for the club, our numbers are growing steadily and we have some really competitive new members, not to leave out a few newcomers like my wife jennifer who is signing up for her first sprint tri at the end of april.

Kiera is doing very well, growing so fast. she is 10 weeks and already over 12 pounds. mommy goes back to work in 2 weeks. that should be interesting

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in numbers

so these are my numbers for the last 4 months. i started tracking all this at the beginning of september. in that time i did 2 sprint triathlons and in the meantime, fell in love with the lifestyle, sport and the people. oh, and i lost about 15 pounds in the process and am in the best shape of my life.

2010 has some awesome things to look forward to. naturally number 1 on that list is watching my new daughter grow up. number 2 is compete in my first 70.3 ironman which i have already started training for, as the miles suggest. you will notice that i swam further than i ran, and if you follow my blog you know i had a knee injury. hopefully that is all sorted out now and you will see me logging more miles than i did in the last 4 months.

there is also the dream that my new online business takes off this year and i can start supporting my new triathlon habit and maybe even buy a tri-bike. we have some friends that have moved to houston so i think i might find a triathlon down there that i can go and do. that should be fun.

im also very excited to see what happens with our new triathlon club ( frisco triathlon club ) this will be the clubs second year and we are over 50 members and its growing, fast.

i am aslo excited to see how far i can push my body and see how fast i can get in all 3 events of triathlon. i look forward to a very exciting year and wish everybody that i know all the best.

and lastly, my wife jennifer, who will be taking part in her first sprint triathlon in may, keep watching this space to see how she does in training and the events. here's to her losing her baby weight nice and quick.

Swim Distance: 27.72 milesSwim Time: 14:31Swim Calories: 11088Swim Pace: 31:23
Bike Distance: 908.72 milesBike Time: 51:43Bike Calories: 36348.8Bike Pace: 17.6 mph
Run Distance: 62.6 milesRun Time: 9:06Run Calories: 6260Run Pace: 08:41
Other Distance: 51.09 milesOther Time: 4:36-Other Pace: 11.1 mph
Total Miles: 1050.13 milesTotal Time: 79:57Total Calories: 53696.8-