Monday, March 29, 2010


So cricket went well, i scored a 50. And we won our match. good day overall.

I was very sore this morning as cricket uses a lot of different muscle to triathlon. a lot of sideways movement and a lot of quick acceleration. Probably similar muscles to soccer. So the muscles are screaming today and im still not over a bit of a cold ive had for about 3 weeks so ive given myself 3 days to get over it. No training and plenty of rest till wednesday.

Go to to see some cricket highlights from around the world.

Friday, March 26, 2010

First game of cricket this weekend

So, cricket season has finally started. Now, i have to try and juggle, family, triathlon training, new business and cricket season all into a 7 day week.

Sunday is my first game as i have been unable to make the last 2 games due to family commitments and triathlon training. Ive decided to only play games that fall on sundays and to skip saturday games so that i limit my time spent on the cricket field. The last thing i need a month and a half before my 70.3 is another injury.

For those of you that dont know what cricket is, head over to my facebook fan page for some videos and things, just search for cricket store online. You can also look at my online store at

Other than that, triathlon training has been going well, all except for my swimming. Im only swimming about once a week at the moment and i know thats bad but i figured if anything was going to be missed, it was going to have to be the swim.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

running in the snow, in dallas, in march

So the run in the snow went really well. i take my hat off to you guys up north that have to train in it during the winter. the problem i had though was having the right amount of clothing on. as i didnt want to get cold i had thermal undies on, beanie, 2 pairs of wool socks and my wifes ski gloves. the beanie only lasted about 25 minutes. i got pretty hot  and sweaty.

besides that all went well, i did my 8.2 miles in 1:08:55. my longest run ever by a long way. my knee held up pretty well, felt it a bit in my IT Band so i guess i will be working on that a bit.

Weather Conditions from The Weather Channel

So this is for all my blogger buddie up north, SIU baby, I wanted to
know what it was like to train in the winter, so here it is, first day
of spring and 4 inches of snow in Dallas. I'm going for an 8 mile run
outside to see how it is, I will update you when I get back, gonna try
do it in 60 minutes.

Now for Dallas, TX (75287)

Temp: 33F
Feels like: 20F
Cloudy and Windy
Humidity: 69%
Wind: NW at 23 mph
Last Updated: 3/21/10 9:25 AM CDT

For more weather information, visit from your PC or
mobile device.

Jason Mellet

Monday, March 15, 2010

so how is it coming along

well, after yesterdays brick, its coming along rather nicely. I joined 2 of my friends for a nice little 40/4 bike run brick yesterday. This was the longest brick i have done before and whilst my quads hurt a little after i was done, i think it all went pretty well. we did the 41 mile bike in 2:12 and then surprised myself with a 32 minute 4.25 mile run.

Like i said, my quads were done after the run but it all went really well. i'm particularly happy as the last 3 weeks my training has dropped off a bit due to LIFE. i just haven't had much time but i think my base training during the winter paid off big time.

Shout out to Training Payne who had a rough ironman china as he got food poisoning a few days before. Apparently the same thing happened to Chris McCormick also forcing him out of the race.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Multimedia message

I am absolutely done, just did 52 miles on the bike in 2:50:30. You might say, well that's a pretty good pace, and you would be right, that between 18 & 19 mph, with 10mph wind , hills and traffic lights. The tough part? In the middle of that ride was my regular Saturday morning interval ride with my Frisco triathlon club buddies. And today there was a special treat for me, some guy by the name of David who competes in the 40/45 year age group and just happen to be regional champion or something crazy like that. Oh well, so my legs are dead, my ass is still on th road somewhere. I know Brian, SIU