Monday, March 15, 2010

so how is it coming along

well, after yesterdays brick, its coming along rather nicely. I joined 2 of my friends for a nice little 40/4 bike run brick yesterday. This was the longest brick i have done before and whilst my quads hurt a little after i was done, i think it all went pretty well. we did the 41 mile bike in 2:12 and then surprised myself with a 32 minute 4.25 mile run.

Like i said, my quads were done after the run but it all went really well. i'm particularly happy as the last 3 weeks my training has dropped off a bit due to LIFE. i just haven't had much time but i think my base training during the winter paid off big time.

Shout out to Training Payne who had a rough ironman china as he got food poisoning a few days before. Apparently the same thing happened to Chris McCormick also forcing him out of the race.


  1. Nice job with the brick! :) That's some massive distance!

  2. Glad to read that you're moving well & getting in some solid training. :-)