Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weather Conditions from The Weather Channel

So this is for all my blogger buddie up north, SIU baby, I wanted to
know what it was like to train in the winter, so here it is, first day
of spring and 4 inches of snow in Dallas. I'm going for an 8 mile run
outside to see how it is, I will update you when I get back, gonna try
do it in 60 minutes.

Now for Dallas, TX (75287)

Temp: 33F
Feels like: 20F
Cloudy and Windy
Humidity: 69%
Wind: NW at 23 mph
Last Updated: 3/21/10 9:25 AM CDT

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Jason Mellet


  1. I hope the 8 mile run in the snow went well!

  2. I heard Dallas is applying for the winter olympics. Is that true?

  3. Well, I can not believe an Ohioan is gonna say to a Texan, (smiles and giggles) that it was 63 and perfect up here.