Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pantar Faciitis & Rocktape update

So just thought i would put in a quick update on a previous post :

I wrote a little about some foot pain that i have been experiencing. I wrapped my foot up with some Rocktape during a run last week. Well the result is no pain in my foot after sundays run. Rocktape has really impressed me, i also put it on my knee, IT band and calves. I applied the tape on friday and took it off on tuesday. thats 5 days of swimming, running, biking, sleeping and showering, oh and an ice bath after my 50 miles bike ride on saturday.

This stuff really works.


So its wednesday morning, halfway through my big 9.5 hours training week. Its been a good week so far, knocked out my long run (6miles) on sunday in a time of 47:47. I guess that would be a PR or PB for me as ive never run that far before & the last time i attempted the distance is when i injured my knee last season.

Monday morning 5am i was on my trainer in my garage and knocked out a 60 minutes session recovery ride. Tuesday morning i did a race simulation 1.2 mile swim at my gym pool to see what my probable time would be in ironman 70.23 florida in may. I did the swim in 36 minutes. Is that any good? i dont know, guess i need to look it up. I didn't eat before my O dark hundred swim. i think that was the right thing to do as some mornings after a gel or whatever my stomach doesn't always agree with me.

After the swim, i had a Lara bar and jumped on the treadmill for my 30 minute recovery run, it probably should of been a bit more but i'm still taking it easy on the knee and only want to run the bare minimum. so i did 3 miles in 30 minutes and then went and did some core work and some ankle and knee stabilizing exercises.

So im sitting here in my bed, watching the ToDEH ! show and drinking my starbucks, Thanks to my wife for brining it home for me after she went to the gym this morning. Chances are ToDEH will be my off day as i probably wont get a workout in. i could be working out now, but its tough with the baby around. she is sleeping now, hence the time to get some work done and write in my blog.  I have a business / training meeting tonight so i will have to move my workout for wednesday to friday.

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swim : 1.2 miles @ 30.36 in 36:35
bike : 16 miles in 60 minutes recovery ride
run : 9 miles @ 8:30 in 1:17

Got the big triathlon 101 camp this weekend, photos and videos to come.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Into sunday and monday

So just a wrap up of the last two days. Yesterday ( sunday ) was my long run day. So it was 6 miles. I've been running and extra 0.5 mile every week to gain strength in my legs and not re-injure my knee.  Problem was woke up sunday morning and it was coming down in buckets. It really was raining hard and i know i'm hardcore, but running in the rain with my brand new brooks running shoes wasn't going to happen. And i really didn't feel like running on the treadmill again.

A friend of mine had invited me to run with his little group later in the day, after the rain had stopped. So that was what i did. As i got there i noticed that Jim was there. I haven't spoken about Jim before but he is basically my motivation. The day i had my first real brick training session was before the US Open race last year and Jim and i showed up to the same training session. Brent a mutual friend of ours gets these groups together for training every now and then. So anyway, back to the brick. It was a bike / run brick that was 36 mile bike / 3 mile run and Jim beat me by about 1.5 minutes on the bike, he was still in transition when i got there and we left out on the run around the neighborhood together. I felt really strong on my run and felt that i could take him on the the run if i wanted to.

From that day, its been a mission to beat Jim. Plain and simple, be faster than Jim. I probably need to mention at this point that as of now we have never raced against each other and as i got my knee injury last year Jim took a break from triathlon and focussed on his running as he ran the dallas rock & roll half mary. This was a perfect opportunity for me over the winter to concentrate on my cycling portion and from what i've seen now, it has paid off.

So the winter has come and almost gone, Jim and i have had 2 bike training sessions together and i certainly have the upper hand, especially on the hills. yesterdays long run was also interesting as we set off. Jim was doing 10 and i was doing 6. I was definitely a little quicker as i ran my first 3 miles in 23 minutes and my 2nd 3 miles in 24 minutes. finishing in 47:47 for the 6 miles i felt strong and think i can certainly continue my running at that pace. My plan is to run my 70.3 run portion at the same pace. apparently florida 70.3 is super flat and think i can definitely carry that speed through the race. I know i'm going to have to work hard but i'm sure i can do it.

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P.S. Had my rocktape on for 4 days so far, friday off day, saturday 50 miles on bike, sunday 6 miles run, today 60 minutes on trainer. its still on and still going strong.

Weekly totals :

swim : swim tomorrow, race sim, 1.2 miles non stop
bike : 16 miles in 60 minutes recovery ride
run : 6 miles in 47:47

Sunday, February 21, 2010

saturday wrap up

so i left my ass out on the road this morning. did the usual saturday morning interval training ride with my triathlon club. 30 miles on rolling hills, traffic and traffic lights at an average of 19mph in 1:32:05.

I was kinda bummed because i really wanted to get there early and get in a few extra miles. just doing 30 miles is not going to cut it as far as my 70.3 training is concerned. So after i took my wife jennifer up the road to the nature preserve for her first official outside ride on her new bike i jumped on the trainer and did another 20 miles taking my total for the day up to 50, which made me feel a little better.

Ice baths, man do they suck, i might of mentioned it before. this was my second one that i have had. i dont even put that much ice in it, just cold tap water and the ice bucket from or freezer, which is probably the size of a small bag you might get from a gas station. My wife tells me it doesn't really work. today ( sunday ) i feel great, i can feel i did a big workout yesterday but i actually feel pretty fresh. we will see later on today when i do my long ( 6 mile ) run. All the sportsman in the world cant be wrong right. this is where someone writes me back and give me the science behind ice baths.

Daily workout :

bike ride 50.08 miles in 2:42 @ 18.5 mph

Weekly totals :

swim : 2.55 miles in 1:14
bike : 108 miles in 6:29
run : 5.1 miles in 40 mins

i will be running a bit more this week starting with my long run 6 miles today ( sunday ) i have this week planned as a pretty intense workout week, i will see if life lets me do it.

plan for this week :

swim : 1 hr 35 mins including 1.2 mile race sim on tuesday
bike : 5 hr 30 minutes
run : 2 hrs 10 mins

total, 9:15, wow.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

thursday update

so found out this morning that doing a 5 mile run at 8:30pm and then waking up at 4:30am to do a swim and weights is not a good idea. i was really drained this morning and just couldnt motivate myself to get going.

The reason i was squeezed into this schedule was because my wife worked late last night and that was the only time i could work out ( after she got home ). and then thursday morning is my morning to go to the gym. I probably wont do that again, it was rough.

weekly update :

bike : 57.92 miles in 3:47
swim : 2.55 miles in 1:14
run : 5.1 in 40 mins

other : 3.1 in 22 mins ( rowing machine )

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rowing Machine

So got up this A.M. at 4:30 to go and get my tuesday morning gym workout in. You see, i get to go to the gym, tuesday's and thursday morning while mommy takes care of Kiera. I then take care of her the other mornings and mommy goes to the gym. Jennifer currently brings home the bacon so she gets more days at the gym. ( help me out, click on the rocktape link and get yours, Maybe one day i will afford to put Kiera in day care. )

So anyway it was off to the gym to get in my swim and anything else i could squeeze in.  3000 yards in the pool was all i could do this morning. even with the h2o audio it is tough to motivate yourself for longer than an hour. After that i hit a machine i have a lot of respect for, and if you are not on it at least once a week, you are probably missing a trick. Its the rowing machine. done correctly it is one of the best machines in the gym. and you will always find one open as i think people are scared of it.

After that i did some abs work and some sideways movement stuff. not sure what thats called but triathletes never move sideways so some muscles are neglected and can lead to injuries.

So now, im home, jen has gone to work and i get to look after Kiera, run my business and clean the house a little.

Its strange, now that ive signed up for the 70.3, i look at training very differently than i did just a few days ago.....

todays training : 3000 yard swim at 29 min / mile pace
                           3000 meters on the rowing machine

weekly totals :
bike : 57.92 miles / 3:47
swim : 1.7 miles / 0:50
run : n/a

rowing machine : 1.86 miles / 0:13

Monday, February 15, 2010

florida or bust

so ive signed up for ironman 70.3 florida on May 16th, bringing my 70.3 forward more than a month. The wife said, no ways is she spending the week in lubbock texas. as many of you know, this is very much a family event so i chose florida as it in orlando and we have a bunch of friends there.
so, not sure why its upsaide down but here is my new frisco triathlon club racing kit and my new pair of brooks running shoes. im sure both are going to be getting lots of miles in the next 90 days, thats the countdown to ironman florida 70.3.

so training started today, offially. its different now that ive signed up. i cant miss any more training sessions.

todays training : indoor trainer 24 miles at 16mph. 90 mins

weekly totals : sunday to saturday

bike 57 miles in 3:47
run 0
swim 0

Saturday, February 13, 2010

plantar fasciitis

so that is my latest kinesiology tape area. i am going to get new shoes today. this current pair of mizunos has been nothing but trouble for me. knee injury, sore calves and sore feet afetr long runs.

im sure the rocktape is going to help me with my foot pain and im also interested to see how long it sticks on an area that is getting constant friction like under your feet. i think the pain condition is called plantar fasciitis. i will let you all know how its going. i will be doing my long run tomorrow. 5.5 miles. hopefully i can get a long bike ride in today, even though there is still 4 inches of snow on the ground.

Friday, February 12, 2010

went to sleep in dallas and woke up in colorado

So went to sleep last night with it been snowing all day, just to make up and see that apparently it kept on snowing for some time.

yip.12.5" of snow. the worst snow fall dallas has had in the 111 years of data collection. I know for sure, i have been here for 5 years and the worst / best ive seen here is like 2 inches before today.

Other than that, its been a slow training week. Ive been pretty busy with work and baby. Kiera has kinda wanted more attention this week. we are looking into a mommy's day out that some of the churches offer in the area. They take them from 9-2 two days a week which would give me some much needed work time.

I am thinking about changing my 70.3 race date from june 27 to may 16th. ( lubbock, buffalo springs lake ) to IM 70.3 florida which is at disney world. My wife has no interest in going to lubbock texas for a weekend and we have a few friends in orlando and surrounding areas so we could turn that into a week long family trip.

I am pretty comfortable with the swim and bike distance, i just need to get my run going. I am up to 5 miles and am pushing it up slowly, going to 5.5 this sunday. i know i can run further than that but need to look after the knee, you know.

Monday, February 8, 2010


super tough weekend. friday was my rest day, that was pretty easy as it was also my birthday. But saturday was showtime as i had been telling people i was doing my b fit birthday challenge. if you don't know as i was turning 33 and i was brave, i was doing the gold challenge. That meant i would be doing a 3000 yard swim, 30 mile bike ride and then a 3 mile run. As my longest race distance prior to this weekend was a sprint triathlon ( 800m swim, 25 mile bike & 3.1 mile run ) i was well aware that this challenge was going to push me to my limits. But as i am training for a 70.3 i felt that it would be a good benchmark as to where i was currently in my fitness.

I had also managed to rope in a few friends who are also training for their own 70.3 events this year.  One of the major problems for the day was that it was only 40 degrees outside ( Training Payne is saying in his head, what 40 degrees, thats a day at the beach for us canadians ) with a wind chill that was brining it closer to freezing. This was always meant to be a casual event but when you get a few guys together there is a lot of testosterone flying around and we had a great time.

So anyway, 9:30 came around and we met at the local gym and started swimming. we were swimming in a 25 yard pool so i decided to do 6x500's as it would be easier to keep count of the laps. Daryl decided to do 3x1000's as he is an ironman canada finisher and a seasoned swimmer. ( he was doing flip turns and everything in his swim ) jim, who is pretty new to triathlons, just like me just tried to keep up with me, but as he doesnt have a history of swimming like me, fell behind and i would overtake him once or twice in every 500 yards. i averaged about 7:50 for every 500 i did.

we were in the water for about 55 minutes including breaks. jumped out, got dressed and headed to our cars to get changed again and head out on our freezing cold ride. It took us 1hr:42mins to get the bike ride done, which i felt on a hilly course and with traffic lights was a pretty good effort. We also waited at the top of a few hills for Daryl as he is 203 lbs and it takes him a while to get up hills. I drafted him down the hills as he could go faster than i could.

Daryl bailed on us for the run but a tired jim and i soldiered on and did the 3 miles at a pace of 8 mins to finish in 25 mins.

It was a really tough run and with a combined time of a little over 3 hours was by far the longest combined event i had ever attempted and i think it was a good eye opener into my 70.3 in june. One thing i did realize is that the 7 hours a week i am currently training might not be enough and i might have to bump it up a bit.

so with that in mind sunday came a long and i went out for my long run. i did 5 miles in 38:52 which is a bout a 7:45 pace and i was really happy with that as well.

My knee was taking a bit of strain this morning as i might of overdone it a little so i decided to take the day off today as well just as a precaution and i will make it up over the rest of the week.

Oh, i almost forgot, so i tried an ice bath for the first time on saturday afternoon after my 3 hours challenge and it was freeeeeeeezing. i am very sad to say though, that i think it worked as my legs felt pretty good on sunday during my long run which means i will probably have to keep on jumping in the cold bath in the future. for those who are planning on doing it, i have one line of advice, cup your balls. its the only way man.

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Takes his hat off to all the woman of the world that have been taking care of the kids at home for centuries, on top of that trying to run a business, tough stuff

Friday, February 5, 2010

World cup soccer 2010, i miss my hometown

Got my first sale

So some of you might know ive become a big fan of Rocktape Kinesiology tape. So big a fan in fact i have started selling the stuff to make some extra money so that one day i can maybe send my daughter to daycare.

The big news is that i have already signed my first customer and yesterday they put in an order for 30 rolls. The customer just happens to be a little bike store called Bike Mart, or also known as Richardson bike mart. I have added a history of events of RBM and you might notice a name or two in their list of achievements like someone called LANCE, yip lance armstrong started his career at Bike Mart. its a pretty big deal.

Richardson Bike Mart History
  • 1962 Founder Mike Hall starts Bike Mart while in school.
  • 1962-1974 Ray Burkett manages the Bike Mart in Dal-Rich Shopping Center.

  • 1966 Richardson Bicycle Touring club started, later to become Greater Dallas Bicyclists.
  • 1974 Bike sales boom in the United States; 15 million bicycles sold across country.
  • 1974-1980 Ray Burkett manages the Bike Mart location on LBJ Freeway.
  • 1975 RBM has five stores in the Metroplex. 
  • 1979 Bad year for the bike industry, but Bike Mart survives. 
  • 1980 Jim Hoyt purchases Bike Mart and changes name to Richardson Bike Mart. 
  • 1981 "A few good men and a can-do spirit" is adopted as the new slogan; all that has changed is that we now have a few good women as well. 
  • 1981 RBM starts sponsoring bicycle rallies and continues to do so year after year
  • 1982 RBM puts 50 percent of marketing budget into the bicycle community and continues to do so. 
  • 1983 Matrix race team is started. 
  • 1983 RBM supports BMX with its first team. 
  • 1984 Matrix Team is turned into a club. 
  • 1985 SABAR Triathlon club is started.
  • 1986 RBM sponsors Mirage Cycling Club. 
  • 1987 RBM sponsors Dallas' Triple Crown series. 
  • 1987 Lance Armstrong starts bike racing career with RBM.
  • 1987 RBM expands and opens a 2nd location in Dallas on July 4.
  • 1989 Double Dates tandem club is started. 
  • 1990 RBM sponsors the Texas Bicycle Coalition in Austin. 
  • 1994 RBM sponsors "Dirt Project" mountain team. 
  • 1997 RBM sponsors MH Factory National BMX Team. 
  • 1997 United States bicycle sales drop to only 3.5 million annually. 
  • 1997 Sponsorship of RBM BMX Team begins. 
  • 1998 Move into new location takes place after 36 years. 
  • 1999 Former Matrix team member, Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France. 
  • 2000 Lance Armstrong wins 2nd Tour de France. Team Dirt Project dominates Texas Mountain bike racing.
  • 2001 Lance Armstrong wins 3rd consecutive Tour de France.
  • 2002 Lance Armstrong wins 4th consecutive Tour de France. Team RBM/Trek/VW Regional Elite Road Team dominates Texas-area racing.
  • 2003 Team was the top fund raiser for the MS 150 Red River Challenge. RBM has been participating in the MS 150 since 1982.
  • 2003 Lance Armstrong wins 5th consecutive Tour de France.
  • 2004 January 28, RBM opens its third location in Frisco, TX.
  • 2004 Lance Armstrong wins a record 6th consecutive Tour de France.
  • 2005 Lance Armstrong's U. S. Postal Team becomes Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team.
  • 2005 The owners of RBM, Jim and Rhonda Hoyt, will attend the Tour de France for the 7th consecutive year and ride portions of every stage of the tour route.
  • 2005 Lance Armstrong wins a record 7 Tours and announces his retirement.
  • 2005 The Richardson store adds 8,500 square feet for clothing, shoes and accessories.
  • 2005 Lance Armstrong set a record. So did we. RBM had record sales in 2005.
  • 2005 Another local rider comes through RBM and gets on a professional cycling team. 23 year old Patrick McCartey is on Team Phonak (Switzerland) for the 2006 season.
  • 2006 A record sales year for RBM.
  • 2007 With support from RBM, McKinney Velo Club (MVC) is started.
  • 2008 Although many parts of the country are in a recession, business at the Bike Mart remains strong.
  • 2008 A record year for Team Bike Mart(TBM) at the MS 150. TBM is now known as "The Million Team."
Check out my website at and see if Rocktape could help you out in your triathlon, cycling and running endeavours. If you have 70.3 , marathon or 140.6 coming up this year, i would really have a look.