Sunday, February 21, 2010

saturday wrap up

so i left my ass out on the road this morning. did the usual saturday morning interval training ride with my triathlon club. 30 miles on rolling hills, traffic and traffic lights at an average of 19mph in 1:32:05.

I was kinda bummed because i really wanted to get there early and get in a few extra miles. just doing 30 miles is not going to cut it as far as my 70.3 training is concerned. So after i took my wife jennifer up the road to the nature preserve for her first official outside ride on her new bike i jumped on the trainer and did another 20 miles taking my total for the day up to 50, which made me feel a little better.

Ice baths, man do they suck, i might of mentioned it before. this was my second one that i have had. i dont even put that much ice in it, just cold tap water and the ice bucket from or freezer, which is probably the size of a small bag you might get from a gas station. My wife tells me it doesn't really work. today ( sunday ) i feel great, i can feel i did a big workout yesterday but i actually feel pretty fresh. we will see later on today when i do my long ( 6 mile ) run. All the sportsman in the world cant be wrong right. this is where someone writes me back and give me the science behind ice baths.

Daily workout :

bike ride 50.08 miles in 2:42 @ 18.5 mph

Weekly totals :

swim : 2.55 miles in 1:14
bike : 108 miles in 6:29
run : 5.1 miles in 40 mins

i will be running a bit more this week starting with my long run 6 miles today ( sunday ) i have this week planned as a pretty intense workout week, i will see if life lets me do it.

plan for this week :

swim : 1 hr 35 mins including 1.2 mile race sim on tuesday
bike : 5 hr 30 minutes
run : 2 hrs 10 mins

total, 9:15, wow.


  1. I'm learning more about ice baths; one of my grad student friends is doing his thesis on them. Water temps are in the mid-40 to high-50 degree F range, w ~15 min submersion. Switching from cold to hot (contrast bathing) is said to be effective too. I usually just turn on cold water alone (no ice) and sit in that, seems to work.

  2. I agree that ice baths suck, they work, but suck, I prefer compression or the pain of the ice bath