Thursday, February 18, 2010

thursday update

so found out this morning that doing a 5 mile run at 8:30pm and then waking up at 4:30am to do a swim and weights is not a good idea. i was really drained this morning and just couldnt motivate myself to get going.

The reason i was squeezed into this schedule was because my wife worked late last night and that was the only time i could work out ( after she got home ). and then thursday morning is my morning to go to the gym. I probably wont do that again, it was rough.

weekly update :

bike : 57.92 miles in 3:47
swim : 2.55 miles in 1:14
run : 5.1 in 40 mins

other : 3.1 in 22 mins ( rowing machine )


  1. Sometimes those workouts that are less than 12 hours apart with probably not enough sleep are the hardest!

  2. that type of quick turnaround ends up wipin me out too. When i "do" have to do that..I try to really make srue I bump up my intake jsut a week bit following my nite training session. I don't like to eat before my early AMs that meal the night before really has to be enuff to get me over that hump...

  3. SIU baby!!! Just kidding, those late night, early mornings are killers. I learnt a long time ago I don't want to do them. Keep up the good work.