Friday, February 5, 2010

Got my first sale

So some of you might know ive become a big fan of Rocktape Kinesiology tape. So big a fan in fact i have started selling the stuff to make some extra money so that one day i can maybe send my daughter to daycare.

The big news is that i have already signed my first customer and yesterday they put in an order for 30 rolls. The customer just happens to be a little bike store called Bike Mart, or also known as Richardson bike mart. I have added a history of events of RBM and you might notice a name or two in their list of achievements like someone called LANCE, yip lance armstrong started his career at Bike Mart. its a pretty big deal.

Richardson Bike Mart History
  • 1962 Founder Mike Hall starts Bike Mart while in school.
  • 1962-1974 Ray Burkett manages the Bike Mart in Dal-Rich Shopping Center.

  • 1966 Richardson Bicycle Touring club started, later to become Greater Dallas Bicyclists.
  • 1974 Bike sales boom in the United States; 15 million bicycles sold across country.
  • 1974-1980 Ray Burkett manages the Bike Mart location on LBJ Freeway.
  • 1975 RBM has five stores in the Metroplex. 
  • 1979 Bad year for the bike industry, but Bike Mart survives. 
  • 1980 Jim Hoyt purchases Bike Mart and changes name to Richardson Bike Mart. 
  • 1981 "A few good men and a can-do spirit" is adopted as the new slogan; all that has changed is that we now have a few good women as well. 
  • 1981 RBM starts sponsoring bicycle rallies and continues to do so year after year
  • 1982 RBM puts 50 percent of marketing budget into the bicycle community and continues to do so. 
  • 1983 Matrix race team is started. 
  • 1983 RBM supports BMX with its first team. 
  • 1984 Matrix Team is turned into a club. 
  • 1985 SABAR Triathlon club is started.
  • 1986 RBM sponsors Mirage Cycling Club. 
  • 1987 RBM sponsors Dallas' Triple Crown series. 
  • 1987 Lance Armstrong starts bike racing career with RBM.
  • 1987 RBM expands and opens a 2nd location in Dallas on July 4.
  • 1989 Double Dates tandem club is started. 
  • 1990 RBM sponsors the Texas Bicycle Coalition in Austin. 
  • 1994 RBM sponsors "Dirt Project" mountain team. 
  • 1997 RBM sponsors MH Factory National BMX Team. 
  • 1997 United States bicycle sales drop to only 3.5 million annually. 
  • 1997 Sponsorship of RBM BMX Team begins. 
  • 1998 Move into new location takes place after 36 years. 
  • 1999 Former Matrix team member, Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France. 
  • 2000 Lance Armstrong wins 2nd Tour de France. Team Dirt Project dominates Texas Mountain bike racing.
  • 2001 Lance Armstrong wins 3rd consecutive Tour de France.
  • 2002 Lance Armstrong wins 4th consecutive Tour de France. Team RBM/Trek/VW Regional Elite Road Team dominates Texas-area racing.
  • 2003 Team was the top fund raiser for the MS 150 Red River Challenge. RBM has been participating in the MS 150 since 1982.
  • 2003 Lance Armstrong wins 5th consecutive Tour de France.
  • 2004 January 28, RBM opens its third location in Frisco, TX.
  • 2004 Lance Armstrong wins a record 6th consecutive Tour de France.
  • 2005 Lance Armstrong's U. S. Postal Team becomes Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team.
  • 2005 The owners of RBM, Jim and Rhonda Hoyt, will attend the Tour de France for the 7th consecutive year and ride portions of every stage of the tour route.
  • 2005 Lance Armstrong wins a record 7 Tours and announces his retirement.
  • 2005 The Richardson store adds 8,500 square feet for clothing, shoes and accessories.
  • 2005 Lance Armstrong set a record. So did we. RBM had record sales in 2005.
  • 2005 Another local rider comes through RBM and gets on a professional cycling team. 23 year old Patrick McCartey is on Team Phonak (Switzerland) for the 2006 season.
  • 2006 A record sales year for RBM.
  • 2007 With support from RBM, McKinney Velo Club (MVC) is started.
  • 2008 Although many parts of the country are in a recession, business at the Bike Mart remains strong.
  • 2008 A record year for Team Bike Mart(TBM) at the MS 150. TBM is now known as "The Million Team."
Check out my website at and see if Rocktape could help you out in your triathlon, cycling and running endeavours. If you have 70.3 , marathon or 140.6 coming up this year, i would really have a look.


  1. How does rock tape work? Also, do you ship to Canada.

    Also, respond on my blog so others can learn about it as well.

  2. bravo my friend....