Sunday, January 31, 2010

January totals

Swim Distance: 9.62 miles Swim Time: 4:39 Swim Calories: 3848 Swim Pace: 29:00
Bike Distance: 303.16 miles Bike Time: 17:08 Bike Calories: 12126.4 Bike Pace: 17.7 mph
Run Distance: 30.28 miles Run Time: 4:51 Run Calories: 3028 Run Pace: 09:35
Total Miles: 343.06 miles Total Time: 26:39 Total Calories: 19002.4 -

So these are my totals for january. This was a pretty tough month with quite a few indoor workouts, naturally due to the weather. Luckily for me i have purchased a copy of the sufferfest which really helped me on my last trainer session.

My goals for Feb will probably be something like, 12 miles swimming, 350 miles bike and about 40 or so miles running. once i gain full confidence in my knee i'm sure i will do a  lot more than that.

I had a pretty tough weekend as the last few months have involved very little running. i noticed today that when i got home from my bike ride my quads were just done. i mean i walked upstairs with my 14 lbs baby and my legs were seriously tired. so what did i do this weekend, well friday i spent an hour on the trainer doing sufferfest, that was a killer, then yesterday was long run day, so i did 4.5 miles on the treadmill and then today was intervals with my speed freak cycling partners. at the end of the ride which was 30 miles, i remembered that i only needed 6 more miles to get to 300 for the month so i kept riding a bit longer and was smashed by the end of it. it was a really tough 6 miles as we normally finish at 30 miles.

On another note, next saturday ( 6th feb ) is my b-fi birthday challenge which will be 3000 yards in the pool, 30 miles on the bike ( with my speed freak buddies ) and then a 3 mile run after that. the closest thing i have done to that as far as all 3 things together at the same time is a sprint tri that was a 800m swim, 25 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run. so this should be interesting to see how much fitter i have become since the beginning of October last year.

Lucky for me i have some friends doing it with me as i have told them, i will join them on their birthdays when they do theirs. Lucky for me, george amundson isn't joining us a doing his birthday challenge would kill me, he is a multiple ironman finisher and is turning 70 this year.

anyway, hope everybody has a good week in training. shout out to the guys that have been reading my blog, its really great to hear the encouragement and is good to know there are people going through the same stuff as you are. Training Pain did something like 900 miles in january for his ironman china training, thats just crazy dude. i'm sure you are going to rock the race.


  1. Congrats on the totals. Hope you knee gets better soon.

  2. It's always better with friends!

  3. I always love training with friends and I hate it at the same time. They always push you and I usually do a little more than I should. That's what makes us stronger, right? Nice blog.