Friday, January 22, 2010

getting payed for blogging

So technically i've been unemployed for about 6 months now. One of the ways im trying to make money is through blogging. This is one of my blogs and then the other one is on my family website where i share videos, photos etc.

This is a paid advertisement. That is one of the things you need to include in your blog to get paid for them. I find myself struggling at the moment to write about the things you get asked to wright about. As i write this i have three different companies that are asking me to write about their products or services that they offer. One of them is roofing services. My problem is i have no need for roofing services at the moment. So what am i supposed to do? Lie to all of you and tell you, you need to use these people to fix your roof as they did an excellent job on my roof.

Here are the links i need to put in my post :

The second company is and insurance company:

And the 3rd company is one where you can buy vanities.

So my question is this,

How do i write to you guys expressing my story about fatherhood, being a husband and being a triathlete, all at the same time as trying to make a little money on the side to fund my triathlon journey. I have no need for insurance, roofing or a new vanity at the moment. Maybe, one of you guys have some experience and can let me know.

On another note, and i'm not getting paid for this plug......................................................................................................

sorry about that but i've been away from my macbook for a while. Little baby Kiera just had her post lunch time poop. Blew out the diaper, spilt out into her onesy. a little onto her vibrating chair she was hanging out in so daddy had to go and save her. Change her clothes and put her chair cover into the wash. Those are some of the joys of being a parent. sniff sniff, think i have to put a nice smelling candle on here in the lounge. still some stink around.

Anyway, back to triathlon stuff. I've been trying to get over my knee injury which is going ok. i have to admit though, i still get some knee pain. especially the first mile of my run. Once it warms up its fine, but the first mile is always a little dodgy. so i've bought myself a roll of Rocktape. Hopefully it will get here early next week. Basically its a type of kinisiology tape that is designed for triathletes. its stays on for 3-5 days and is totally waterproof. i'm going to use it on my IT band, For my cyclists knee issues, for my runners knee issues and more recently since i've changed my run tech to a more mid-foot strike, my runners calf issues.

Yip that sounds like some serious issues doesn't it? None of them are to serious, just those little niggles i think that dog all of us right?

Im really looking forward to triathlon season starting off. there is a half marathon i wanted to do in march but i wont be able to do it as i wont be able to get my mileage up enough to do the race. other than that, so far it looks like 2 sprint races, 2 olympics and the 70.3 in june. i cant wait.

So as ive been writing this ive got another opportunity to write about tax credits or something for 9dollars or something. we will see if i can chuck it in there somewhere.

hope everybody keeps on reading. i will try and mix the fun triathlon stuff with the boring moneymaking stuff.

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