Sunday, January 10, 2010

another week bites the dust

So another week bites the dust. one week older, one week wiser ( lol ) one week closer to triathlon season. one week closer to buffalo springs lake 70.3. Kiera is 11 weeks old already. holy cow.

Its been a pretty good week. training has been good. weather sucked. was below freezing for 2 straight days. i know you guys up north are saying " whatever " but here in texas, thats cold.

as im recovering from my knee injury, which is going slow but well i have ramped up my swimming and cycling with a touch of running. its sad to think that this week i actually swam further than i ran. weekly totals:

bike: 100.83 miles @ 17.5mph
swim: 3.95 miles @ 28.06 pace
run: 3 miles @ all you need to know is it was slow.

Cricket season is also slowly approaching so i will need to start thinking about that sometime soon. im sure cricket is going to take a back seat to triathlon this season. i need to keep up with it though as my new business is all about cricket so i can forget about it to much.

hope everybody is enjoying my blog, post a comment and let me know if there is anything you would like to know.

ps: plans for my triathlon camp at the end of feb is going well and weve just signed a big bike shop here as a sponsor so im super excited about that.

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