Sunday, January 3, 2010

great news, the knee works

well, awesome news. i went to our triathlon clubs track speed workout today and took part in some of the running drills. as it turns out, my knee held up very well. i never pushed my self by any means but started slow and easy and increased intensity as i went along. i felt very comfortable through all the drills.

now, my quads might not agree with me as i did 47 miles on my bike yesterday but besides that all was good.

our club coach, marcia, is a maniac. she is training for ironman st george this year and ran 15 miles on friday, biked 82 miles yesterday and was out there today leading the session.

other than that we are looking forward to an exciting year for the club, our numbers are growing steadily and we have some really competitive new members, not to leave out a few newcomers like my wife jennifer who is signing up for her first sprint tri at the end of april.

Kiera is doing very well, growing so fast. she is 10 weeks and already over 12 pounds. mommy goes back to work in 2 weeks. that should be interesting

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  1. Rockin! Sounds like you're starting out the year right. Very cool that your wife is in on it too.