Friday, January 22, 2010


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So a few months ago, a little time after i started my triathlon career. A friend of mine talked me into do a half marathon in Dallas Tx. i agreed and started training for the event. I stated out small, doing 2or 3 miles at a time. There is a small botanical garden type area near where i live and i go running there.

Once i had progressed up to 4 miles i got a bit ambitious and jumped straight up to 6.2 miles.

Well as i'm sure most of you know, i ended up getting an overusage injury in my right knee. Problem was in 2 weeks time i was doing the US open Sprint triathlon ( 800m swim, 25 mile bike ride and 3.1 mile run.) My doctor suggested i probably should do any running and in fact probably shouldn't do the race either. As any respectable triathlete would say or do, i told my doctor, no way, and did the race anyway.

The race was the last of the season so i decided to do what i could to get the knee sorted out. Went back to the doctor and he suggested that i go for an MRI to see what exactly was wrong.
So off i went to another office and got the MRI. Thanks to my medical insurance only had to pay a minimal fee for the MRI.

So the results came back to the doctor and i apparently had an ACL sprain and some swelling in my knee joint. And it was off to the Physical therapist for me. I spent a month or two going to the physical therapist which was also covered by my medical insurance.

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As the new season is getting ready to start and in all honesty, my knee hasn't healed all that much. It still bothers me but i have figured out how to deal with it better. It takes me a little while to warm the knee up when i'm going for a run and bothers me for about the first mile. I guess as i get older more and more of these niggles are going to keep coming up.

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