Friday, January 29, 2010

The Real Secret To My Success

So thought i would talk about something i haven't touched on yet before on any of my other blog posts.

My weight and the fact that i always thought i was in good shape.

So to give you a little background. I am 32, turning 33 in a week or so. I am 6'1'' tall and at my heaviest was 212 lbs. the funny thing is that when i was 212lbs i was under the impression i was in good shape. somehow i was blinded or just the fact that the average person on the planet, or should i say "in america " is overweight so i guess i was the average.

Anyway, so i met this girl, who has since become my wife who started cooking for me. above is one of her meals. Its grilled chicken breast ( done on the grill) ( yes here in dallas we can grill in the middle of winter)baked sweet potato( baked in the oven) and the best spinach, feta & raspberry salad with light raspberry vinaigrette,YUM, and little by little she was cooking for me more and more. the more she cooked for me the less junk food i ate. once we moved in together she was cooking every night and the more weight i lost. So the pounds kept coming off and i got down to about 185 where it stayed for a while.

I then got comfortable there and somehow before i knew it i was back up to 197. 197 got my attention for some reason. maybe because it was so close to 200 again. this is about the time that i got into triathlons as well. so the weight kept coming off again and then flattened out at 187.

at 187 after 2 triathlons i hooked up with my new cycling buddies who are all quicker than me and i knew if i was to keep up with them on the hills i needed to drop a few more pounds. i knew the lighter i got, the easier it would be to get up the hills. so i worked hard at dropping the extra pounds and now i'm glad to report, yesterday morning after a good solid dump, i clocked the scale at 179.5lbs. woohoo

going up the hills has certainly be easier and i cant thank my wife jennifer more for all the hard work she puts in, in the kitchen. she is the best cook i know and is single hand-idly responsible for getting me back in shape. thanks baby.

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