Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in numbers

so these are my numbers for the last 4 months. i started tracking all this at the beginning of september. in that time i did 2 sprint triathlons and in the meantime, fell in love with the lifestyle, sport and the people. oh, and i lost about 15 pounds in the process and am in the best shape of my life.

2010 has some awesome things to look forward to. naturally number 1 on that list is watching my new daughter grow up. number 2 is compete in my first 70.3 ironman which i have already started training for, as the miles suggest. you will notice that i swam further than i ran, and if you follow my blog you know i had a knee injury. hopefully that is all sorted out now and you will see me logging more miles than i did in the last 4 months.

there is also the dream that my new online business takes off this year and i can start supporting my new triathlon habit and maybe even buy a tri-bike. we have some friends that have moved to houston so i think i might find a triathlon down there that i can go and do. that should be fun.

im also very excited to see what happens with our new triathlon club ( frisco triathlon club ) this will be the clubs second year and we are over 50 members and its growing, fast.

i am aslo excited to see how far i can push my body and see how fast i can get in all 3 events of triathlon. i look forward to a very exciting year and wish everybody that i know all the best.

and lastly, my wife jennifer, who will be taking part in her first sprint triathlon in may, keep watching this space to see how she does in training and the events. here's to her losing her baby weight nice and quick.

Swim Distance: 27.72 milesSwim Time: 14:31Swim Calories: 11088Swim Pace: 31:23
Bike Distance: 908.72 milesBike Time: 51:43Bike Calories: 36348.8Bike Pace: 17.6 mph
Run Distance: 62.6 milesRun Time: 9:06Run Calories: 6260Run Pace: 08:41
Other Distance: 51.09 milesOther Time: 4:36-Other Pace: 11.1 mph
Total Miles: 1050.13 milesTotal Time: 79:57Total Calories: 53696.8-

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  1. happy new year! and good luck to jennifer! (make sure you make her a sign from the baby ;))