Saturday, February 13, 2010

plantar fasciitis

so that is my latest kinesiology tape area. i am going to get new shoes today. this current pair of mizunos has been nothing but trouble for me. knee injury, sore calves and sore feet afetr long runs.

im sure the rocktape is going to help me with my foot pain and im also interested to see how long it sticks on an area that is getting constant friction like under your feet. i think the pain condition is called plantar fasciitis. i will let you all know how its going. i will be doing my long run tomorrow. 5.5 miles. hopefully i can get a long bike ride in today, even though there is still 4 inches of snow on the ground.


  1. How long does it last? I may have to try some.

  2. hey Velma, i generally take it off after 5 days, might last a bit longer if you take care of it, but i swim, run, bike, sleep & eat in the stuff. let me know if you want a small sample of it

  3. Hi
    I am also a triathlete and I am dealing with plantar fasciitis for more than a year now. There are many things you can do to treat your PF although I understood that treatment efficiency is very individual. If something works for one it may not work for the other. The same goes for shoes.
    There are many treatment techniques that you can try. I have found taping very useful. Taping will keep your foot from getting injured again and will help you get through your daily routine.
    Personally I found a very informative website in:
    Take care & Good luck

  4. J, hope it works, if it does work for PF, you'll be a rich man. If not, I've had it before, lots of stretching. It is a really Sh*ty injury to have. P.S. Strange as it sounds, stretch your hips and upper legs, not just the calfs.

    Good luck.