Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day off

So i have taken the day off today. had a pretty good workout week. did my 56 mile ride last week thursday. it was really, really cold. stopped off at a bike shop and bought some full finger gloves. i decided that i might have to get some full boot covers as the toe cover warmers only seemed to work about 2 hours. after that my toes got freezing cold.

The weather was rather crummy on sunday so i went off to the gym and spent some quality time with the rowing machine. Fitness guru Ben Greenfield has studied the quality of the workout you get and apparently it is the second best calorie burn that you can possibly get in a gym, second only to the treadmill with an incline.

i used to row in school so i am actually a big fan of the rowing machine. depending on your intensity you can burn upwards of 1000 calories an hour on the rowing machine. As for me and my intensity i was burning around 750 calories an hour and seen as i was on the rowing machine for 75 minutes i burnt about 950 calories.

Monday morning my shoulders were a bit sore, but i definitely felt like i had a good workout. Monday morning i also went to the physiotherapist again. i am still working on getting my knee sorted out. I have an ACL sprain and am working with Shane at Edge Physical therapy in Frisco to get it sorted out. With the help of his Alter-g anti gravity treadmill i have been able to start running again. i have been running 3.1 miles at 65 % of my body weight and will increase my body weight as time goes by.

We seem to be making some progress with my business. Its taken some time but are finally getting things sorted out now. hopefully before to long i will be able to start making some money and if all goes well we will be able to send Kiera to daycare come january. stay tuned for details.

Kiera is really doing well. She is getting so big now, almost 11 pounds i think. It sure has been a life changer having her around. Jennifer is also doing well. She has started going to the gym, doing some light cardio and today was her first day to have her bodybugg back on. i think she is ready to get the last of her baby weight off.

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  1. I have full shoe covers -- neoprene. they rock !