Sunday, December 20, 2009

its certainly interesting

it really is interesting having a new baby in the house. i just got back from my interval ( get my ass kicked ) session with some of my club mates and was told a story by my wife.

naturally it was about little baby Kiera. basically what happened was that it was feeding time, and that is basically the only time that she gets a bit cranky. anyway, kiera basically thought it was the end of the world. she was crying her eyes out and screaming her lungs out. so mommy got her bottle as quickly as she could, got her all comfortable and started feeding her.

withing about 5 minutes and 1.5 oz she was done and passed out. it was really funny as i came in and was watching jennifer do her absolute best to try and wake kiera up. making noises, tickling her, whatever it took. but all in vain. kiera looked as if she was drunk and was out like a light.

it was funny listening to jennifer talking to her asking what all the pre-feeding fuss was all about. it was if the world was ending, she said. kiera doesnt normally actually cry unless she is really pissed. all it took, was just a little 1.5 oz sip and she was satisfied. luckily after a few farts and a few burps. she woke herself up and polished off another 3 oz and everybody was happy.

on another note, i went out for my weekend interval training session with some of my club mates. ( yes the ones that kick my ass ) we had a really good ride. temp was about 60 and there was a 10mph wind.

all went well, i took it a bit easier during the week so it wasn't as bad as last weekend. i managed to keep up with them to about the midway point of the hills and to my surprise actually passed one of the guys on one of the hills. everybody was surprised and congratulated me at the top of the hill. needless to say that hill took a lot of steam out of me and i struggled the last few hills. it was a lot of fun though and they invited me back again and told me to keep on coming out.

i am going to try to make it as it can only be good for me. everybody should try to get interval training into their schedule so that they can improve their cycling.


  1. Intervals are the best. I love that you passed someone on the hills. That is a great feeling!

  2. Sweet baby!!!

    Intervals rock it, I hate them but they work so I do it.

  3. I don't understand how something so teeny can make so much NOISE ! ;)