Thursday, April 29, 2010

17 days and counting

yip, thats it , 17 days to ironman 70.3 florida. That gives me about 7 days to push as hard as possible and then about 10 days of taper.

So my training buddies have all done their first 70.3 of the year, laid down their sweat and their times and now its up to me to beat their asses into the ground.

Jim did a 5:46 at New orleans, Thomas did a 5:40 at galveston, Daryl did a 5:50 at galveston and Lars did a 5:37 at galveston as well. SO its the 5:37 i need to beat to get bragging rights. I think its all going to come down to the wind and the heat on the day, all three courses are flat so its pretty even as far as that is concerned.

So 17 days and all the months of training have come down to these last few days. in the last 8 months i've had a combined total of 2298 miles. (3676km )

swim : 53.4 miles ( 85km )
bike : 1946 miles ( 3113km )
run : 235 miles ( 376km )

i have been averaging about 250/300 miles a month on the bike which i think is my strong part now. the run, i am getting stronger at, i've added a 4.4 mile off road trail run to my weekly running which i've done the last 2 weeks, beats hitting the treadmill and running sideways. i've been told its a great way to strengthen muscles that aren't normally used in triathlon and that way i might avoid injury in the future as my muscles will develop more evenly.

So the race last weekend went great, for those of you that didn't hear, i did my first sprint race of the season. It was called the caveman triathlon, not sure why. Their slogan was "ME SWIM, ME BIKE, ME RUN, ME CAVEMAN " which i thought was noteworthy and made me giggle.

And the race was a success as i got onto the podium in my age group, 3rd in the 30-34 AG. which is traditionally along with the 35-39 a pretty tough group. something else that was good news was the fact that i PR'd the run section. As you all know the run is the toughest part and normally the only part of races that are the same distance so you can gauge yourself against other race times. i knocked the run out in 22:59 which is 9 seconds faster than my PB which i set at the US open last year just before i got my knee injury. i felt this course was a lot hillier so i am sure i am a stringer runner now.

thats all for now, i will keep you updated as we get closer to the race

Oh yeah, thanks rocktape for helping me get onto the podium, that stuff is awesome.

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