Saturday, April 10, 2010


so it been an up and down last 10 days. i took a couple days of to try and break some allergies. that worked then over trained the next few days and the allergies came back. so i took the last 2 days off. I will be running my longest distance ever on sunday morning, 10 miles around white rock lake. then tuesday im doing a 56 mile bike ride in the afternoon with a short run after that.

ive gotta get in the pool big time this week, last month i only swam 1.2 miles and my 70.3 is only 40 days away. im not to worries as 40 days is a lot of time. i am what i would call a natural swimmer and the 1.2 miles isnt going to be too much of a big deal. my biggest concern at the moment is im probably going to go too hard on the bike which will compromise my already weak run.

anyway, tomorrows run and tuesday brick will tell me a lot about my chances in the race. weve found an awesome new loop that weve been doing here in dallas, lots of hills and lots of wind. lately on average the wind has been blowing about 25mph and training in it has been great. as my buddie Lars ( from denmark ) always says " train hard, race easy " . So thats what weve been doing, training hard. the windier the better.

Today was great, i had my rocktape tent up at the frisco triathlon club haiti run for relief fun run. i had a bunch of runners come up and talk to me about it and also a few physiotherapists come and show some interest in it.

I will post some pics of it as soon as i get them. the race was a big success and we had about 300 people turn up for the event. Story of the day was a friend of mine that had some lower back pain and some knee pain. we taped her up and she took 1 full minute off her best 5k time. well done shannon. she was super impressed and bought a roll off me afterwards. pink of course.

SIU baby ( thats for training payne )

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