Monday, May 3, 2010

13 days to go

So its 13 days to go. 3 days left till i start tapering. Saturday was a bit of a waste as the weather was dodgy here in dallas so i just went out for an easy 15 mile ride that included some little hills as i knew sunday would be a big day for me.

I had a bike run brick planned for sunday. Sunday morning came and i tried something new for breakfast. i wanted something that was high in calories including carbs and protein and i remembered an advert when i was a kid that said " eggs give you the edge "so it was a egg, ham, cheese and ketchup sandwich for breakfast. And yes it was over and hour before my brick started so it had plenty of time to digest.

My brick that i had planned was a 9.7 mile bike ride followed by a 13. 1 mile run both on a fairly flat course to try and simulate my race that will be at disney world on may 16th.

The bike ride went great and i averaged 21.5 mph and kept my heart rate down below 150 so that was all according to plan. Then my friend derek came down and joined me for the first 8 miles of my run and also lent me his garmin 305 gps so that i could keep track of my run.

We started out at a very comfortable 8:15 pace and kept that going through most of the run. My legs felt great coming off the bike, even though it was only a 27 minute ride and not a 2.5 hour ride. At about mile 10 my feet really started to complain but it was ok and ran through the pain and eventually they fely better.

all in all i did the bike ride in 27 minutes and finished the run in 1:50 at a 8:24 pace. this was the first time i had ever run this distance and i was very happy with my effort. my goal is to beat my friends 70.3 time of 5:37 and if all keeps going well i think i can do it.

I had some pretty sore knees last night, which i guess is to be expected so i wrapped them up in rocktape and they feel pretty good this morning.

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