Monday, October 4, 2010

13 days to austin 70.3

well yes its 13 days to go till austin. Im as prepared as i've ever been for a triathlon and i'm expecting great things from myself. Best part is i have a bunch of friends doing the same race as i am. Some are faster and some are slower. Allen ( speedy ) Helton is going for 5 hours flat. holy cow. what i wouldn't give to be 19 again.

Im not sure what Jamie is going for but i know it will be quick as he is strong all round. Shannon is aiming for under 6 hours and Lars and i are going for 1 minute faster than the other person. Yes, we are pretty much racing each other. He is my training partner and it looks like i should have him on the swim and the run, but he will have me on the bike, for sure. Lars is in his 40's now but that no excuse right? his bike is worth about $8000 more than mine and he has a speed suit. Not to mention any other gadgets he gets from Kona this week. Yip he is on vacation in Kona to watch the race and to get a last bit of serious training in.

Training went really well today, i knocked out 1.3 miles in the pool and then 18 miles on the bike. After a spot of lunch i went for a two hour massage as well. I probably shouldn't of done that as i didn't get much work done but my legs are starting to get pretty tender. I've scheduled another one for friday morning ( my off day ). Im feeling really comfortable in the water at the moment and think i should pull in another 38 minute swim in austin. My bike and run is much much stronger than they were in florida and i'm sure i am going to probably be 5 to 10 minutes quicker than i was there. Even though austin has a few hills i'm sure i will still be quicker.

So my training mileage for september was :

Swim Distance: 6.58 milesSwim Time: 3:30Swim Calories: 2632Swim Pace: 32:00
Bike Distance: 453.01 milesBike Time: 23:42Bike Calories: 18120.4Bike Pace: 19.1 mph
Run Distance: 74 milesRun Time: 10:25Run Calories: 7400Run Pace: 08:30
Total Miles: 533.59 milesTotal Time: 37:38Total Calories: 28152.4

My biggest month by far. here to being fast in austin.

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