Saturday, October 2, 2010

im tired this afternoon

Pretty good day today. Saturday is long ride day for me and today was no different. The only difference was my regular long ride partners are both out of town. Jamie is in austin riding the 70.3 longhorn route and Lars is already in Kona. No he is not racing but gone over there on vacation. He has taken his bike with him because he needs to beat me in austin in 2 weeks so he will be training hard while he is there. And of course to watch the ironman.

So i decided to ride with the other regular saturday morning A ride and that wasnt to bad as we normally do it anyway before our long ride or should i say as part of our long ride. The difference this week was i went to the local bike shop after the ride and joined the bike shop group for their A group ride as well.

So basically did 2 A group rides with a lot of hills at full speed, oh and finished with 60 miles under my belt. I must say going up our famous Windhaven hill at 48 miles was pretty tough ( that was the 3rd time i had been up it in the same day ).

My legs certainly are feeling good and i am ready for my race in 2 weeks. Ive got another week of hard training until i start tapering. Im sure 7 days will be enough time to recover.

After that i came home and had a shower, i tend to get my stink on during workouts. Jennifer, my wife went out for a little 3 miles run and then we went and did some baby shopping. Right now jen has gone out to finish the shopping and Kiera is in La-La land.

This afternoon we are going for an open water swim and a triathlon club social out at the lake. Should be fun.


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