Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Base training

So what is base training. From the little bit of reading that i did. Base training is pretty simple. Its the basic training that you do on a day to day basis. Its racking up the miles on your bike or trainer. Its endless laps in the pool. Its mile upon mile in your running shoes. Its you getting fit, slowly, over time.

So this would partially be what my base training schedule looks like for this month so far.

Swim Distance: 6.26 milesSwim Time: 3:07Swim Calories: 2504Swim Pace: 29:53
Bike Distance: 211.67 milesBike Time: 12:04Bike Calories: 8466.8Bike Pace: 17.5 mph
Run Distance: 4.67 milesRun Time: 0:38Run Calories: 467Run Pace: 08:05
Other Distance: 13.1 milesOther Time: 1:19-Other Pace: 10 mph
Total Miles: 235.7 milesTotal Time: 17:08Total Calories: 11437.8-

It is the day to day, month to month grind of your training.Base training doesn't concentrate on specifics like technique etc. Its rather a place where you practice your technique.

The other side of the coin is when you concentrate on strength training, drills, technique etc. and that would not be considered as base training.

For running you might go to a track near by your house and work on running drills like your A, B and C's. Swimming drills might include using a kick board to strengthen your legs and cycling might include one leg drills on a trainer or spin bike.

Either way, base training is not as complicated as it sounds, just get on your bike and ride.....

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