Thursday, October 22, 2009

still raining

So the weather was awful this morning again. Once again the weather man got it wrong. Thursday was supposed to be partly cloudy. Rain was supposed to end on wednesday night. However, it was still raining when i woke up thursday morning.

So it was off to the gym as apposed to doing speed work on my bike around the lake. So anyway i am recovering from my knee injury as well. So i spent a little time stretching. I have found that to be more and more important every day. Worked on some core exercises, a little bit of leg strength and also some shoulders. I am hoping it dries out a little more as i want to ride my bike today still.

I have spent the day working on my computer and cant wait to get outside and build up a good sweat. It is killing me that i cant run at the moment but if all goes well i will be back at it next week.

Why you say. Why is it such a big deal to train every day. Cant you miss a few days. Or cant you skip it this morning.

Well here is the answer

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