Monday, October 19, 2009

My dream of a 70.3 half ironman

Well i have nothing but time on my hands. The business is taking its time to get off the ground and i find myself looking for things to do to keep myself busy. Naturally there are things for me to do in the babies room. A few things to paint downstairs and the computer room to clean out as mom is coming to visit on the 13th of November.

Baby seems to be still about 11 days away and Jennifer and i are both getting very impatient but maybe this is my way of handling the stress.

Anyway so as i have completed a few sprint triathlons this year and am dreaming of bigger and better things to do, i am thinking of doing a half ironman 70.3 next year. I thought it might be funny if i get the majority of my training advice from youtube, just as an experiment. I am a member of the Frisco triathlon club here in Dallas texas and there seems to be a wealth of experience in the club as many people have completed full ironman events as well as all the other distances.

In posts to come i will discuss what i have done so far and my achievements as well as what i am planning to do next year. This naturally is taking into account that we are having a baby in 11 days and who know how that is going to affect things.

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