Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown i guess sums up ironman for a lot of people. With that if you don't have professional triathlon trainers and dietitians there is also a fear of the unknown. what i mean is, every day you are questioning yourself about your training schedule. your diet. your sleep, etc. For me, alot of the time if i dont know what to do, my attitude is just get out there and do something that will make you sweat.

I try not to stick to one workout in the gym. As whilst i am undiagnosed. i might just be A.D.D. So i mix things up. This morning i was really looking forward to riding my bike so when i woke up and saw the rain i headed off to the gym and hit the spinner for an hour. But yesterday i was on the rowing machine, which, in fact, i have heard is the second best calorie burning machine in the gym. behind the mighty treadmill used at an incline. Apparently number 3 behind them is the elliptical. So i would say it is important, even thought triathlon is 3 specific disciplines, keep mixing it up, oh and sweat a lot.

So anyway, at the moment i am in recovery from a slight knee injury so i am not doing any running or doing anything that will impact on my knee. Doc said cycling is still fine as well as swimming. I was planning on doing a half marathon towards the end of this year ( which was actually a new years resolution that i forgot about during the middle of the year ) so i have put that on hold till next year when i will hopefully incorporate it into my 70.3 training.

So now comes the questioning part. Can my body handle it? Do i have the self discipline? Do i have the courage? And most importantly, with little baby girl showing up next week, Do i have the time and freedom?

My 1 concern so far is looking over the past 3 months of my training/ working out i have averaged about 20 hours of training a month and have covered from 200 to 300 miles in swim, bike and run all put together. Im sure that that number will drop over the next few weeks due to baby. So with about 250 odd days to the buffalo springs 70.3, the question is how much training should i do. I know with winter coming on now i will probably work on something called BASE training. I think that is your base distances. Get to a point where you are comfortable with them and then work on making them faster, through drill, strength training etc.

I will consult youtube guru later and fill you in on base training. Thanks to the few of you that have been reading this blog and for your responses. I don't pretend to know everything, in fact i know very little about this sport and your input is much appreciated. I am a beginner triathlete with some lofty goals. Watch out Chris & Craig........

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