Friday, May 7, 2010

9 days to go

this was me getting some TLC on my knees on wednesday

so just 9 days to go until ironman 70.3 florida. i'm starting to get a bit antsy even though i haven't started my taper. i just need 1 more good ride and hopefully that will come tomorrow. thursday i had a great 8 mile off road trail run. today i had an awesome 1.4 mile swim in 41 minutes. If i can just get one more good ride in i think i will feel confident.

I will be dropping my bike off at the local bike shop tomorrow and i think that is making me nervous. i will be without "her" for an entire week and will only see her again on race day. thats crazy. and on top of that this is my first 70.3 race. of and not to mention i've only done sprint races. who knows how this is going to turn out. its all very nerve-wracking.

Im sure all will be ok, i've put in all the training and hard work. as my training buddy always says, train hard, race easy. lets hope so anyway.


  1. You will be fine!! Good luck!!

  2. Sounds like your ready. I like the six million dollar man thing you got going with your legs. Looking forward to tracking you online and cheering from Canada. Enjoy your taper.

  3. good luck for race day...and trust your training....I'm sure you've done everything you've needed to do physically and emotionally to be ready to toe the line on race day.