Sunday, November 8, 2009

First week in November

Well the first week in november is behind us. I had a pretty good week as far as being active is concerned. You see i didn't call it training. I am not going to call it training for a few weeks. Im not going to have a structured routine. I am going to try and spend as much time in the gym working on strength as possible. But if the weather is good, you will find me out on my bike or going for a run.

I am also going to take it very slow as far as the running is concerned, i really don't want to hurt my knee again and i am in no rush to get my miles up just yet. Im going to keep it unstructured and just do whatever i feel like doing. Like today i didn't have much time so i went to the gym and hit the rowing machine for an hour. apparently its the second best calorie burning machine in the gym. its a full body workout that you really feel after and hour on it.

Oh, on a side note, thanks to green bay for knocking me out of my football pool. the 6500 dollar winning would either of bought me a new bike or my wife would of put it towards a new kitchen. who do you think would of won.

i was active for 6.12 hours this week. 66 miles on the bike, 2.32 miles in the pool and 2.1 miles running. oh and also 8.1 miles on the rowing machine. I think this week i will havea bit more freedom. Mommy should be a bit more mobile and that might free me up a bit more, maybe i can get my long thursday morning ride in. that will be cool, maybe do 57 again.

I have received the new triathlete magazine and it looks like there are some good articles in it. cant wait to get into it.

well, lets see what this weeks holds for us.

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  1. Yes! I'm totally into non-structured training right now too. Woohoo!

    Look at that sweet baby:)