Friday, November 6, 2009

funny stories

we were up this morning, bright and early. Kiera was awake at about 5am after her feeding and i wanted to let mommy get some sleep so i took her and we went to the lounge to watch some tv. at about 8-oclock kiera and mommy were both in LA-LA land when that pesky squirrel came scratching at our skylight again.

Again, you might ask. Well yes. For the past few months he has been scratching at our skylight as last year i blocked off his 2 openings into our roof. So anyway, i have actually got a BB gun from Jens dad that i have been trying to shoot him with.

So there he was , scratching away and i thought, damn him. I got up as slowly as possible not to wake up the baby. Got the gun, made sure it was loaded. Walked quietly to the back door, so i could get outside and have a few shots at him. So i got to the door, quietly unlatched it. And then, as i opened it was reminded by a LOUD SIREN THAT I HAD FORGOTTEN TO SWITCH OFF THE ALARM.

Damn, so naturally after i had switched it off, thought, oh no, everybody is awake now. Well yes mommy was and she came running out of the room. But to our surprise, Kiera was still in dream land on the couch where i had left her. Awesome.

Anyway, so that was the fun start to the morning. i think the damn squirrel also got a big fright and hopefully wont be back.

Other than that it was a miserable 80 degrees and sunny today in dallas. I got out of the house again and went for a swim at the gym. managed 1.25 miles in 38 minutes. im definately getting faster and stronger in the pool which is great. My head and neck are still lazy and i do most of my breathing to the one side. I really have to work more on breathing both sides.

That was pretty much my day, Thanks to brian and marinda for coming for a visit.thanks also to the wonderful people who have been brining us food. you guys are saints.

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