Sunday, November 1, 2009

How are we doing

So i just thought i would fill you guys in on how we are doing. If you didnt see, Kiera Paige Mellet joined us last Sunday on the 25th of October at 14:58pm. She weighed a healthy 7lbs 7oz and is doing well.

Its been an interesting week to say the least. Kiera's first night at home was very tough. Neither my wife or I got much sleep as Kiera probably sensed our fear and took full advantage of it. She spent most of the night screeming her cute little head off and nturally we didnt get much sleep.

Lucky for us though, the rest of the time has been pretty good. Whist she still hasnt got her days or nights in the right order, She has been pretty good for the most part. She sleeps a lot which is good. It gives me time to clean the house and prepare meals whilst mommy sleeps and takes it easy.

I went for my first trial run yesterday morning. I had a slight knee injury and have not run in almost 3 weeks. I did a nice and easy mile around our neighborhood to see how it would hold up and all was good. And then to my delight my wife told me i could go to the gym today so i got an hour in today as well. I have the best wife. Now i am looking for a bike trainer that i can use here in my house so i dont have to dissapear for 3 hours on my bike.

Incase you were wondering, Jennifer (my wife ) had a C section and cant really do much at the moment and is still in a lot of discomfort.

Other than that, we have had some friends around who have brought us food which is totally awesome of them.

Im looking forward to getting back out on the road to put in some miles.

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