Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pretty awesome day today

pretty awesome day today. Had a couple off feedings during the night with mommy and Kiera. Baby didn't want to go back to sleep after her 4:30 am feeding so i got up with her so that mommy could go back to sleep. So we got up, made some coffee and a few slices of toast.

She finally fell asleep at about 7 ish so i went upstairs and sat on the computer for a while. Mom woke up at about 9 so once the girls started feeding i went off to the gym and spe
nt about 45 minutes in the pool doing drills and speed work. After i came home from the gym, mommy told me that she had some friends coming over to play with the baby so i had a great idea and made a
n appointment at our chiropractor and got an adjustment and also and awesome massage.

Its a pity it only lasted an hour cos i had some stiffness around my shoulder blades and started feeling really good towards the end of the session.

On the way home chad, from my triathlon club ( frisco triathlon club ) called me up and said he would be at our house at around 3pm with ou
r supper. Kudos to our new found friends at the club who have brought us food during this time where my wife hasn't felt like cooking. You might say, well Jas
on, why don't you do the cooking. Firstly, i'm not that good but secondly with everything else i'm doing around the house to clean up the mess the hurricane left, we are very appreciative for the saints that offered to bring us food.

I was going to go for a run this afternoon as well but i'm doing a long ride in the morning so thought i would save my legs for that not to mention take a bit of pressure off mommy and look after Kiera. Not that it is to difficult at the moment as she is sleeping.

On another note, i'm contemplating some upgrades on my bike. i don't want to spend too much money though. maybe you guys can make some suggestions for me.
This is what it looks like. Its just a road bike with some aero bars on it. Im thinking of buying some MPH if you know what i mean. Maybe and aero helmet, Some tri handle bars. Maybe a forward shifting seat post and maybe a handlebar mounted water bottle with tube. what do you think, if you had about 100 dollars, what would you do to this bike.

Anyway, so thanks to my new BFF chad, we have pork tenderloin, rice and salad for supper, and ice cream and pie. Who said having kids suck.

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