Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Training wrap up for October

So looking back on october, i have to say it was a success. On the 11th it was the Us open Triathlon in which i came 5th in my age group. Here are the stats.

age : 32
overall place : 31 out of 274
division place : 5 out of 45
gender place : 28 out of 205
time : 2:03:20
swim 800m : 14:50
T1 : 3:16
bike 24.8 mile : 1:20:07
T2 : 1:51
run 3.1 mile : 23:17

Whilst this was slower than i was hoping for i do totally blame the weather for that. It was a cold, windy and rainy 55 degrees for the race and the roads were wet the entire way. In fact i only felt my toes about 2 miles into the run.

That was my second sprint race and went much better than the first which was in september.
but looking back on it it is obvious that my training paid off and i am very happy with the result.

So as far as my training went for october this is what it looks like.

swim distance : 7.68 miles swim time : 3:48 swim pace : 29:41
bike distance : 226.67 bike time : 12.49 bike pace : 17.7
run distance : 5.77 run time : 0.47 run pace : 8:11

total miles : 273.22 total time : 19.45 total cals : 12715

It just dawned on me that i will be training about that much a week when i do my ironman in 2011. wow that crazy. That is the one school of thought anyway. The other that is punted by a lot of people these days including Ben Greenfield is that you could complete an ironman on about 12 hours a week. That might be something to look into.

Anyway, as you might notice, there wasn't much running going on as i was recovering from an injury to my knee so wasn't allowed to run. That seems to be all better now and hopefully will be able to get some miles in.

Also october was the month that my daughter Kiera graced us with her presence and that has slowed my training down a bit, but was on my bike yesterday again after about a week and a half and it felt great. i actually did 23 miles at an average pace of 19mph. So i am taking the break as my post triathlon season break.

Anyway so as november rolls on and with it some cooler weather i am hoping that i can get back into training. Hopefully i can hit about 300 miles this month on my bike. about 20 miles running and about 10 miles in the pool. that would be great.

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  1. she is a cutie ! congrats on the race. I'm no speedser, but I've been avg about 13 hours/ week for my IM training, and hope to finish just under 14 hrs.