Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pavlik brace

well, pretty rough day today. Our doctor had some concerns that kiera had some issues with her hip joints. a bit of background is that kiera was breach and therefore we had to have a c section. apparently it is common for breach babies to have hip joint issues.

so we went to a specialist this morning and turns out she has mild hip aplasia in her right hip joint, which basically just means that the ball socket is not as tight with the ball yet. its pretty loose in that it want to pop out.

unfortunately kiera has to wear something called a pavlik brace for about the next 3 months basically 100 % of the time to keep the 2 bones in place so that the ligaments can form properly and we will have a happy healthy little baby girl. as all mothers can imagine, jennifer my wife is pretty broken up about it and isnt taking it to well.

from what ive read and heard from other people its the best thing for them and doesnt bother them to much.

as i say that kiera is crying and its pretty tough to handle. turns out she just spat up a little and didnt enjoy it to much. she is on the boob now and all is good.

anyway. had a good gym workout last night working on my shoulders, back and arms. had a good swim the day before as well. covered about 1.36 miles.

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